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4 thrifty trends for bathroom lighting

April 6, 2016

The perfect lighting can make a world of difference in your living space and is often an affordable and easy way to liven up a tired room. But many homeowners choose to skip bathroom lighting in favor of investing more in the kitchen or living room.

The bathroom is a place to start and end your day, so why not pay special attention to this small-but-important space and light it well?

Beautiful bathroom lighting doesn't have to drain your bank account and it can have a power effect on your mood and productivity. To get you started, here are four savvy and affordable ways to optimize lighting techniques in your bathroom:

1. Use Task Lighting to Accent Your Mirrors

Overhead lighting provides ideal ambient lighting, but in the bathroom lighting your mirror or vanity with task lighting should take top priority. This is where you need strong but gentle light for your head and shoulders for grooming tasks like applying makeup or shaving.

Don't make the mistake of installing recessed lighting over your mirror – that kind of light will cast shadows that make those mirror-related tasks more difficult. Instead, go for sidelights or sconces for even lighting on your face. Many of these side-lighting fixtures can even mount directly onto the mirror.

2. Choose the Ideal Bulbs

The array of light bulbs on the market may seem daunting, but taking a moment to sort out your options will pay-off in the long-run.

Consider the task of the light – whether for ambient lighting, task lighting such as placed around a mirror, or accent lighting that can be used to highlight artwork or features such as luxury fixtures.
In general, traditional incandescent bulbs produce a soft warm glow for ambient lighting, while compact florescent bulbs last longer and provide cooler ambient lighting. LEDs and Halogen bulbs with their stronger, direct light are better suited for task and accent lighting.

3. Avoid a Disjointed Look by Using Similar Colored Bulbs

​As you add smaller fill and accent lighting around your bathroom, make sure you're choosing bulbs with the same hue, otherwise this space will feel awkward.

The vast range of choices in light bulb colors, which are measured in Kelvins, include three main categories: warm soft light, cool white light and cool daylight.

Soft white light is a yellowish light with a relaxing feel. Cool white light is a bit brighter and general a good staple for bathrooms. And daylight bulbs have a blueish hue and are the brightest of the three categories.

4. Create Mood with Simple Decorative Lighting

The bathroom is certainly a functional room, but it's also a place to relax and recharge. You can transform your master bath into a spa-like setting with a touch of decorative lighting.

Use small tea-light candles or votive candles of differing heights with soothing aromas like vanilla lavender for a calm setting or sweet floral aromas like gardenia or peony for Spring flair. Pair the candles with a small mirror to double the flickering effect.