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Shedding some light on vanity lighting

April 13, 2016

The right light fixture makes the vanity and bathroom shine in more ways than one. But with so many options, where do you start? The fixture's style should be a good fit for the room; it's size matters more than you might think; and, the finish, well, you have a couple of ways to settle on a tone. The following tips will help you pinpoint the ideal vanity light fixture—and offer a little advice on the humble but essential light bulb.

Start with the Finish

The room's metals don't have to match, but if they do, you get a design that simply makes sense.

Now, if you do want to mix a couple of metal tones, you can create a trendy look. Basically, it's about balance—a cool tone to offset a warm one. Think about how an attractive warm bronze, copper or gold light fixture will play off a cool, silvery nickel, chrome or stainless faucet, towel bar and pulls. Regardless of whether you plan to mix or match the room's metal effects, make sure they carry a similar look—curvy or streamlined, for example—as a visual connection.

The Size of It

A wall-mounted light fixture that spans beyond the vanity's sides appears top heavy, and is as faux pas as one that's too small for the unit. For the best results, keep the lights aligned with the mirror or counter. 

Alternatively, flank a tall vanity mirror with sconce-style lighting or good-looking pendant lights.

A mirror that stretches as high as possible offers a linear effect, which draws the eye up and seems to lift a low ceiling. 

Shedding Some Light on the Bulb

Some light bulbs cast a harsh or yellowy glow that causes everything within their reach to appear off colored—this includes your reflection in the mirror and the hues throughout the room. Opt for quality full spectrum or daylight bulbs in each lighting layer; your skin and wall color will thank you.