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4 home décor trends you can easily re-create

April 13, 2016

Part of making a home comfortable is ensuring it feels fresh and up-to-date, which can be difficult to do—not to mention expensive—as trends change. Phrases like "statement piece" or "tastefully minimal" might sound complex, but they don't have to be. 

Below are our favorite decor trends for 2016, all of which you can easily recreate in your own home. 

Trend #1: Bring the Outside In

photo credit: The Design Files

photo credit: The Everygirl

After years of rustic and French-country inspired decor, minimalism has hit its stride in both home and wedding design. You can evoke this look by emphasizing the outdoors inside your home, year round. Look for outdoor rugs, furniture, and textures (think wicker, linen, and jute) and consider bringing natural elements indoors by using floral and botanical patterns. Accent your rooms with potted plants and trees incolorful planters, or go with the trendy option and add succulents, which are popping up everywhere these days. 

Trend #2: Paint it Black

photo credit: Lilli in Wonderland

You already know black goes with everything. This year tastemakers are bringing the little black dress into the home decor arena with black paint, black light fixtures, black stainless steel cabinets, and black decor accents. You can easily incorporate black into your design with a metal lamp or other accent pieces, by installing new hardware in a black finish, or by giving your existing hardware a simple update with black spray paint. For a moody sophisticated look think about painting an accent wall with a chalky black paint.​

Trend #3: The Single Statement Piece

photo credit: Decor Pad

photo credit: Studio McGee

photo credit: Decor Pad

Just because design trends are moving toward a more minimalist aesthetic doesn't mean you have to drop the "wow" factor. Draw the eye in every room, even bathrooms or hallways, with one large statement piece. Try a statement mirror in the bathroom, a bold oversized headboard in a bedroom, or a glamorous chandelier in the dining room. ​

Trend #4: Mixing Metal

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photo credit: Houzz.com

Brass has come back in a big way the past few years. Gone are the days when everything had to match. This year you'll see more designers mixing metals of every color and finish. Try mixing chrome, nickel, silver or gold in either the kitchen, bath, or bedroom for a look that's modern without being severe. ​