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3 smart ways to use outdoor privacy screens

April 13, 2016

Who doesn't love taking a moment — or an entire afternoon — to unwind outside? Privacy screens help you carve out a little personal space, create sheltered areas for your guests (not to mention plants) and boost your yard's curb appeal. Here's how to enhance your outdoor space without making a huge change.

Create a Home-Outside-of-Home Oasis

If scanning your yard makes you sleepy, it's time to wake things up by redefining the layout. Think of your yard as an open-concept interior space. Indoors, you typically define spaces with area rugs, but outdoors, privacy screens act as exterior walls to help form sitting spaces, reading retreats, and alfresco dining areas. Be smart about it — choose sunny, shady, or less windy places for your outdoor "rooms," depending on intended use.

Once you've carved out the space, fill in these enclaves with outdoor furniture, outdoor rugs, weather-resistant accessories, and lighting (think string lights, tea-light lanterns or votive "chandeliers") 

Screens in Small Places 

Even a small yard or balcony can benefit from privacy screens — in fact, an outdoor space within handshaking distance of other homes or units often begs for cover. Position a screen along a balcony railing to block direct sunlight or hide undesirable views, or arrange two screens perpendicularly behind a couple of fashionable compact chairs for extra seclusion. Top the chairs with attractive outdoor pillows, and fill the little space with lush plants and suitable accents. Remember, small lounging areas should be as stylish and inviting as big ones. 

Show Your Shade-Craving Plants Some Love

Not all flowering plants and greenery flourish in full sun. If your violas, primroses, and lilies need a little reprieve from the sun, smartly situate a privacy screen or two around the flowerbed. 

The same goes for your potted plants; a bit of shade slows down water evaporation, making good-looking privacy screens as useful as they are stylish, for the garden, patio, balcony, or any wherever else your green thumb leads you.