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12 thoughtful Father's Day gifts that will wow dad

June 10, 2016

When it comes to shopping for our fathers, the experience is either a breeze (World's Greatest Dad mug, anyone?) or a brainteaser. For those who fall into the latter category this year, we've put together a dozen ideas for your favorite dude. Some are even customizable, ensuring a one-of-a-kind day for dad.

1. Corkcicle Canteen

Father's Day arrives during one of the hottest months, and hydration is a top priority, especially when dad's hovering over a hot grill (more on that later). His favorite beverages will stay icy cold in this insulated and stylish canteen. Four sizes and fourteen colors mean there's one for every guy.


2. Kobalt Personalized Ratchet Set

No toolbox is complete without a ratchet set, and nothing says thoughtful like a monogram. Give both to dad with this customized and well-appointed set.


3. Jerky of the Month Club

Smoky cured meats are totally a gift, when they come with a club membership, that is. Download and print the 3-, 6- or 12-month Jerky of the Month Club gift card, and dad can look forward to a variety of treats every four weeks.


4. Rubbermaid FastTrack Garage Ball Rack

Score Father's Day points with handy storage for your pa's playtime spheres. He'll be the first on the field or court when his assortment of sports balls are all in a row, and easy to find--mom's happy too when they're up, out of the way.

5. Grill Charms

Dads who rule the kitchen or backyard grill know the value of a well-organized spread. These dime-sized metal charms help the BBQ master keep everyone's bräts and burgers in order.


6. Zero Messenger | Reflective Tweed

Match your savvy pappy with a ruggedly handsome (competitively priced and reflective!) messenger or laptop bag. At the very least, it will encourage him to remember his wallet, phone and keys.


7. Leatherman Multi Tool

All outdoorsy dads should pack a multi tool on their woodland excursions. Opt for one with backwoods necessities, including a knife, saw and can opener. Engraving lends a personalized touch while keeping things nice and rustic.

8. Owen & Fred Shaving Kit Bag

Mom, thank your man for all his daddy duties with a new shaving-kit bag made from top-grade, water-repellent materials. Fill the 8-inch-long pouch with travel-ready (hint, hint) manscaping essentials.


9. iDevices iGrill Digital Remote Meat Thermometer

No more blue-rare steaks or too-well-done chops with dad's favorite device connected to a Bluetooth grilling thermometer. He can step away from the grill—up to 150 feet away—and still receive alerts. The only notification he has to handle is, “Dinner's ready!"

10. GPS watch

Does dad look forward to his daily run, or does he need an occasional "nudge" to the sidewalk? Go for a GPS watch that reminds him to move while tracking distance, pace, calories and more. Many also let him share his progress. Which he'll do, a lot.

11. Tile Bluetooth Tracker Home Automation Fob

Is the “King of Chaos" always losing things? The remote? His briefcase? Maybe his cherished multi tool? Not anymore. Keeping him from losing his mind is just a phone call away with a Bluetooth synced home fob.

12. Safety Glasses

Take dad's peepers from the worksite to the lawn trimmer to a break in the sun with stylish polarized safety glasses. When it comes to choosing sunglasses, go for a pair that suits most face shapes. Don't worry, he'll have forgotten those 80s aviators before long.