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6 (relatively inexpensive) tips for a market-ready home

April 13, 2016

Do you remember the first time you opened the door to your home, and sauntered through each room? It was perfect. Even the flaws seemed charming. Right? But now, kids, pets, your growing shoe collection or a horde of other paraphernalia may be threatening to bust through the walls. Whatever your reason, if it's time to sell, the following relatively inexpensive tips can earn you a quick sale—and a nice ROI. 

1. Improve Curb Appeal to Avoid Drive-bys

A well-maintained interior is important; however, you won't get potential buyers inside, if the home's first impression scares them off before they even stop the vehicle. Trim overgrown greenery, weed the flowerbed and pretty the porch. Attractive outdoor furniture or simply some new cushions make a fresh, homey statement—choose pieces you'll appreciate on the next porch or balcony.

2. Pack Away the Personal Stuff and Control the Clutter

It's no secret that family photos, trophies and such make it difficult for would-be buyers to envision themselves living in a home. Pack up the personal goods (it's only temporary).

Clutter makes a home seem storage “challenged." Good-looking bins and baskets come in handy for small things (think bills, homework piles, vitamins) that you can't do without.

3. Paint the “Uglies" and Add Color with the Accessories

Paint is one of your best—and thriftiest—friends when you're fishing for a buyer. Use it to revive dated surfaces, and "quiet" loud colors.

  • Put a couple coats of white paint on dark or off-colored exterior trim; and give modern color to a dreary front door. Tip: Paint the door a hue that hints at the main accessory color inside. 
  • Cover unattractive cabinets with white washable semi-gloss paint to make them more appealing (if you haven't already done this, you'll wish you had when you see the results!).
  • Paint turquoise, burgundy, lime-green or other bright or dark walls—and faux-wood paneling—a neutral tone that appeals to the masses; vivid hues offend the color-sensitive crowd.
  • Use the accessories to inject a little color (if you must.) Choose wisely; established communities often parade subtler shades than hip, metro areas.

4. Replace Outdated Metals

If your home's door handles, cabinet pulls, mirror frames, curtain rods and light fixtures are a jumble of brassy and gaudy metals, chances are they were made before you were. Create a smooth visual by swapping in some modern brass tones.

photo credit: Julie Blanner

5. Minimize, Minimize, Minimize

Did I mention that you should minimize? Less is best; a minimal setting won't distract Mr. or Mrs. House Hunter. So, box up, sell or donate unwanted, outgrown or seldom-used items. The bonus? Purged things can't flood the new place!

photo credit: Julie Blanner

6. Clean, Tidy, Repeat

The lived-in look is fine for everyday life but typically not for a listing. Keep every "snoop-able" nook and cranny as clean and organized as possible (kids can help). That way, you're ready for any short-notice showings. Before you know it, you'll be turning the key to your next decorating adventure.